This blog entry has inspired me to contemplate the factors which have been facilitating and inhibiting my own creative process lately.

The Writer's Midwife

After taking the leap and working from home with a dedication to words, I have developed hyper-awareness as to what devours my precious writing time. Having a little one at home really highlights what Virginia Woolf was talking about when she said women writers need money and a room of their own to be able to write. Children love to cling to their mother’s rightfully so, so how do I commit to writing? Being a mom as a full-time job makes writing for me a necessity on the priority list. Back in January, I made a deal with myself that I would commit to writing everyday. I figured if I was to embrace “The Writer’s Midwife” persona, it would be imperative that I “walk the talk,” as they say.

After we finished our first (and very successful) workshop, Skin & Stories, I was very tired. I was sad to say…

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