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Breaking news from the realm of awesomeness. Guess what a new study suggests is linked to male happiness and contentment? Bigger paycheck? Faster car? Boobies?

Nope. According to this article, “an intriguing new study suggests that men are happier and less stressed when they do more of the housework.” The authors designed the study to test their hypothesis that doing more of the housework would make men less happy. (Many men find housework demeaning, apparently – since it’s ladybusiness.) But instead they found the opposite was the case.

We can’t say for sure, of course, what explanatory factors underlie these results, but the authors of the study speculate: “Men who leave the chores to women may be subject to more complaints than men who do their share of home chores.” (Though you’ve got to worry a little about the gender-norms implicit in this explanation – i.e., dudes are happier…

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  1. clyde1120 says:

    I am quite at home performing 50% or more very soon of the household chores. I have seen the old way and I am not a fan. One must be willing to help where you can. What goes around definitely comes around when it comes to this side of a relationship IMHO.

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