The Gallery.

I set a goal to write a book before I die. I’m 25 years of age. It may seem like I have a lot of time, but I need to get on this soon, before my ideas drift away.

I am a dreamer, a romantic, a feminist, and a yogi. I am completing a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies with a minor in Political Science. Much of the writing here will focus on topics brought up in my academic life.  Granted, if this is my art, it will be difficult to distinguish between that and life; there will be some bleed-through.

I’ll go from concepts to indicators and back again; deconstruct and attempt to grasp the bigger picture. I will not always succeed, and that is okay. This is where ideas go to live, to die, to breathe and transmute with impunity.

At least, this is the ideal.


3 thoughts on “The Gallery.

  1. swiebe says:

    I was just journaling the other day about how much I miss the academic life. I am really excited that you found “The Writer’s Midwife,” I am sure I will find this very inspiring!!! Thank you!

    • I’ve noticed that I also miss acadmic work when I’m not in school. At times, I find it challenging to stay focused and motivated when I’m working on academic projects, since I’m only accountable to myself and I haven’t always been the kindest or most effective task-master (I’m learning, though). In addition, academic work isn’t immediately rewarding in any material sense, so it’s tempting to put the work that pays the bills first.

      However, despite the solitude and poverty, academic work is rewarding in a way nothing else has been, simply because I’ve had to learn how to “self-regulate,” face my inner obstacles, and make my own creative endeavors and growth as a “scholar-artist” a priority in my life. It’s also incredibly gratifying to see projects of one’s own devising come to life!

      I hope you do find some inspiration here! I imagine that most people who choose to become writers (or academics) appreciate solitude; at the same time, I’ve found it helpful to connect with others who are working through a similar process. So I always enjoy meeting other writers! Thank-you for getting in touch with me, and following my creative endeavors here. 😀

  2. haha! I just realized that I need to update this page. I’m certainly not 25 anymore (I’m 28). 😀

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