Thesis Re-Visited

[It’s] a popular notion, that it is exclusively suffering that produces good work, or insightful work.  I don’t think that’s the case. I think in a certain sense, it’s  a trigger, or a lever. But I think good work is produced in spite of suffering, and as a response, as a victory over suffering.

Leonard Cohen

I had the idea to read through my thesis, and post excerpts on my blog; I may still do that.  As always, I hesitate; I think that some of this work is of high quality, but I wonder how it will be received. I talked about my thesis and agonized over it for so long, that I’m not sure anything I could have created would have been worth the fuss I made about it. Then again, the only arbriter that really matters at the end of the day – my supervisor – gave me an A- on it. So I’m not really sure what I’m worried about in that regard. I suppose putting one’s work out there will always feel like an act of incredible vulnerability.

Reading my thesis in preparation for posting it reminds me of how far removed I am from the academic world; I admit that this reminder is somewhat disheartening. I’d have to read and study for months before I would become as well-versed in the theoretical language and literature as I was when I wrote the thesis. Furthermore, I don’t see myself having the opportunity to write something like that and become immersed in the acts of learning and creation anytime soon; I may not have an opportunity like that ever again.  I suppose my hesitation to post my thesis is borne from that sentiment as well, which isn’t exactly regret; I’ve just become aware that there’s a gap between where I am, and where I want to be, and I’d rather not think about it.  At the present time though, I’m a still a little too weary from the struggle to get through school to knit that yarn into motivation to go back.

Although there are ideas and passages in this piece that I wish I could have developed further, in some ways, that doesn’t really matter; what matters most to me about this work is that I finished it at all. I wrote it during a tumultuous time in my life, during which I was suffering from clinical depression and anxiety disorders. Hence, the Leonard Cohen quote above: this work is important to me for its merits as a piece of undergraduate-level scholarship, and because I see the completion of this project as a “victory over suffering.” I may always struggle with my mind, but this serves as a reminder that I can still (with a hell of a lot of effort, time, and support) complete the work I set out to do.

That’s what I’ll remember this piece for; this piece, with all of its glorious imperfection. Maybe one day I’ll regard the time of my life during which I wrote it as being “gloriously imperfect” as well.


After thinking and writing about it, I’ve decided to post excerpts from my thesis after all. These can be found on the following pages:

Dance Macabre: Women’s Experiences in Burlesque Excerpt 1 (Introductory Chapter)

Dance Macabre: Women’s Experiences in Burlesque  Excerpt 2 (Research Methods Chapter)


Thomas De Quincey: I get you.

Dear Adderall,

With your help, I’ve been able to focus on my schoolwork for an hour, in a setting that would normally drive me mad: a cafe in which the staff are playing catchy music, and in which there are people bustling around and chatting with one another. Instead of being led away by the beautiful beats and ambient noise (and memories of fun times that were accompanied by beautiful beats), my mind has been able to stay focused on my studying.  Rather than being an infernal distraction, the commotion seems to promote an awareness of time passing, which helps to keep me on track  (I chose to study in a cafe rather than at home for that reason). This subjective state of heightened (yet not anxious) attention is fabulous, and I want my internal space to feel like this all the time!

I credit this lovely sense of awareness and enhanced willpower, as well as the productivity that has resulted from those factors, to a combination of my motivation, and the magic you work on my brainmeats, Adderall.  Under your spell, I am able to remain mentally stable and focus seemingly at will, something which I find nearly impossible to do otherwise (even in ideal environments). This is a revelation!

Once you’re off patent and become more affordable, I’ll be able to keep my brainmeats under your influence more consistently. That will be an exciting time indeed; my stimulant-fuelled brainmeats and I will have the power to take over the world! Mwahahaha!

(Or maybe I’ll just accomplish my work-related goals, now that I’ve found a reliable way to make my body and mind sit still. That would be awesome too.)

(And instead of supporting Big Pharma indefinitely, I’ll contribute a less-substantial portion of my lifetime earnings to a manufacturer of generic drugs instead. That will help me to sleep at night.)

Oooh! Shiny!

–Just Kidding,